A gift for you: a free consultation from doctor Hasan Alnorani, a spiritual psychologist

Hasan Alnorani

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A gift for you: a free consultation from doctor Hasan Alnorani, a spiritual psychologist
Do you have a psychological, emotional, family or social problem?
Do you suffer from a disease and can not be cured?
Do you feel that the doors of success in your life are closed to you?
Do you want to resolve your issue? Do you want to heal? Do you want to achieve success?
We open the way for you to live a happy, healthy and successful life!
Contact me. do not hesitate!
Write a detailed message about your problem, submit it. Also, send your photos that show your psychological and health status, use the following e-mail:
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I love you. Be always cheerful. You are blessed.
Hasan Alnorani
Psycho-spiritual doctor
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Poor and miserable children need help from you to get cheerful! DONATE

On the days of celebrations, the children rejoiced. But many children in Gaza do not rejoice. Eid in Gaza, and in the Islamic world, a happy religious occasion.

On Eid, children get new clothes, toys, good food, sweets, go to public parks and get money they enjoy spending spontaneously and childishly!

Many children in Gaza do not enjoy life. Many children in Gaza, crying on the day of Eid!

Here, in Gaza, and as happens in the Islamic world, we celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which comes after the end of the month of fasting, the month of Ramadan. Also, we celebrate Eid al-Adha, which comes after the end of the pilgrims to Mecca, to perform their worship.

Now, the children of Gaza are waiting for Eid al-Adha, which will be next August.

I want to provide happiness for children in Gaza. I want the kids in Gaza to celebrate Eid! Help me!

I am Hasan Mohammed Alnorani, I am 75 years old. I live in Gaza. The misery and poverty of the children I live among, makes me sad heart! I am also sad because of the misery and poverty of children, anywhere in the world! I am sad because there is poverty and misery in the world. But I know that grief will not fight poverty and misery. We need to work together.


Be with me!

I trust that you have very good hearts!

Poor and miserable children need help from you to get cheerful!

You are blessed. Thank you..

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DIGNIFIED WOMEN PROJECT. Help, Share- Glory to you!

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Hasan Alnorani

Hello, everyone of you, anywhere!
Give me a little time, but I want your attention! I live in the Gaza Strip. I have a story, and it is still a dream. I am full of feelings of love and respect for you .. Please hear me, thank you for your beautiful morals, and the generosity of your good souls ..
Poor families here depend on aid, irregular, and inadequate to meet their needs.
Linking these families with emergency, temporary and inadequate assistance leaves them in a worry, in addition to a lack of what they need, to fill hunger, buy medicine and clothing, pay rent, or otherwise.
This situation deprives the person of his right to enjoy his life and his right to dignity.
I believes that the person who earns his or her own life is the person who reaps enjoyment of life and maintains its dignity.
Every human being seeks to enjoy life, just as he wants to live in dignity!
I am Hasan Alnorani, a resident of the Gaza Strip, I work to help people, to enjoy dignity and to enjoy life.
So, I decided to set up a project, entitled : “Dignified Women” Cooperative Project! 
The title of the project reveals that “women” are the target group.
In the first stage, the target group will be women’s families, where there are no men who are able to make money.
In later stages, the women targeted by the project will be expanded.
The objectives of the project are:
– Opening the door of human dignity, for families forced to knock doors, do not provide dignity to them. Poverty and misery may lead to a path, not the way of dignity!
– Strengthening the role of women in society and enhancing their self-confidence. In a family where the woman is psychologically and financially strong, the family will have a healthy environment that increases the psychological and practical strength necessary to cope with the problems of life.
– Enhancing the philosophy of cooperation in society. It is the best way to cope with the bad reality in which the society of the Gaza Strip lives.
– Enhancing individual participation in building a productive local economy.
– I have no doubt that your intelligence will reveal other goals for this moral, economic, and charitable project.
The implementation of the project depends on individual contributions, both financial and practical, to the participants in its establishment and implementation.
But there are many poor people who want to make money. However, they do not have the money, which gives them the opportunity, to establish their own projects, or to share money in a cooperative project!
Therefore, we need the help of the people of good and generosity. They are too many!
I made the idea. I opened the door to human dignity. The path of human dignity needs your help.
I do not have the money that the project needs. I have faith in good, and humanity!
I dream that the implementation of this project will start soon, I am seventy-five years old. I want to dedicate what comes from my life, in order to do more good work, promote the love of life, joy and hope!
I have faith in the human right to live in dignity and to enjoy the power of life.
My long years of life have increased my faith in life, and I have been given an active and loving life, and I am delighted with my love for life!
The project will be implemented according to a cooperative philosophy. Also, the implementation will be in the light.
I dream that this project will be the beginning of a new era in which man will be liberated, here in my country, and in the whole world, from linking his legitimate needs with compelling conditions!
This project is one of my children. I will give this new son, what the father should offer.
In the last ten years, I was responsible for a charitable NGO. And I will give the rest of my life, in favor of charitable work!
I can not do it alone. You will be with me. I trust you. I trust that the world is full of good!
“Human dignity” appeals to you to help the idea of this project to become a reality, embodied and vital!
I am, Dr. Hasan Mohamed Alnorani, resident in the Gaza Strip-Palestine, invite you, My Sisters and My Brothers, to adopt my appeal and my charitable project by sharing it to the fullest extent possible.
I would like to invite you to make a donation via PayPal using the following e-mail:
Or using the following link:
Or: by sending a money order, in my name: Hasan Mohammed Alnorani, through the Western Union Money Transfer Service.
Or via whatever method suits you.
Thanks to you, I love you!
Glory to you!

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HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين



HELP miserable, poor and horrible children of Gaza


alnorani charity initiative


The suffering of a family from Gaza has lost its men and its home: hunger, expulsion, anxiety, sexual harassment and crying – Watch video

معاناة عائلة من غزة فقدت رجالها ومنزلها: جوع وطرد وقلق وتحرش جنسي وبكاء – شاهد فيديو
DONATE لمساعدة الأسرة اضغط الرابط التالي 

To help miserable and poor family, click on the link below


HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين

alnorani charity initiative

This is the story of a family from Gaza who lost her home and two of her men in a war that has lasted many years, but the family’s suffering, which dates back to a war that took place five years ago, continues. Responsible for the family, is an elderly woman, suffering from heart disease, does not have the price of medicine. Death threatens her life. This woman is responsible for the maintenance of her family, before that, lost her husband, and because of the war lost two of her sons men. The lady is very poor. She lives in an uninhabitable home with her family of women and children. The owner threatens her family with expulsion. The family does not have the rent for the house. Her debt increased. She now faces the risk of expulsion from home and homelessness with her family. She faces the risk of imprisonment because of her inability to pay her debts! And face deprivation, hunger and homelessness, along with the children and women of her family! She faces the risk of death because of her illness! She is the depender of her family, after she lost two of her sons in the 2014 war, launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip. The two men left their wives and young children. Family women face sexual harassment. But the family did not give up their honor in return for the money. This miserable poor family, threatened with homelessness, appeals to you to save her life, her honor, her children and her women! In the accompanying video, two women from the family talk about the tragedy of their family. The two women say: Today is the 27th of Ramadan, which Muslims fast. On this day, since 5 years ago, Israeli warplanes bombed the family house, destroying the house, and two men, brothers of the two women, died under the rubble of the house. From that moment on, the family, which lost its men, began to live in poverty, misery, homelessness, anxiety and humiliation. The family had to rent a house in which to live, but the family did not have the money to pay the rent, which meant that the owner of the house had evicted the family. The ill-tempered old lady of the family was forced to provide bonds to the owners of the houses rented by the family. The family can not repay debts. The sick old lady, tormented, now faces the danger of imprisonment !. The two sisters say: Some debt holders and homeowners have asked to have sex with them, in return for allowing the family to stay in the house rented by the family. The morals of the two sisters reject this inhuman and cruel extortion. The two sisters say: We live, with our locked-up mother, the miserable old tormented, and with the young children, many days without food! The two sisters weep because of the torment in which the family lives. “Our brothers are dead,” they say. “But our dignity has died with them!” We appeal to the honorable: Save the life and dignity of this family! Help this family, to live a decent life! There are many families, in the Gaza Strip, such a family. Wars are the way to die .. I am Hasan Mai AlNourani from Gaza, I call for peace: We want life. We want peace based on justice! We want peace that preserves human dignity! We want life for all .. We want dignity for all .. We want justice for all .. We want peace for all! God Bless you!

To help miserable and poor family, click on the link below


HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين

alnorani charity initiative

Appeal to the Human conscience: Save humanity in Gaza from its poverty and misery


HELP PEACE CALL,help miserable and poor family, click on the link below


HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين

alnorani charity initiative

This is a fire of war that burned Gaza many times. Stop war, death and injustice. We want life, justice and peace

معاناة عائلة من غزة فقدت رجالها ومنزلها: جوع وطرد وقلق وتحرش جنسي وبكاء – شاهد فيديو

هذه قصة عائلة من غزة، فقدت بيتها واثنين من رجالها في حرب، مضى عليها سنوات كثيرة، ولكن معاناة الأسرة، التي تعود لحرب وقعت قبل خمسة سنوات، لا تزال مستمرة.

المسؤولة عن الأسرة، هي مرأة متقدمة في السن، تعاني من مرض القلب، لا تملك ثمن الدواء. الموت يهدد حياتها.

هذه السيدة مسئولة عن إعالة أسرتها، قبل ذلك، فقدت زوجها، وبسبب الحرب فقدت اثنين من أبنائها الرجال.

السيدة فقيرة جدا. تقيم في بيت غير صالح للسكن، مع أسرتها المكونة من نساء وأطفال.

صاحب البيت يهدد اسرتها بالطرد. لا تملك الأسرة ثمن إيجار البيت.

ارتفعت ديون السيدة المالية. تواجه الآن خطر الطرد من البيت والتشرد مع أسرتها.

وتواجه خطر السجن بسبب عجزها عن تسديد ديونها!

وتواجه الحرمان والجوع والتشرد، ومعها أطفال ونساء أسرتها!

وتواجه خطر الموت بسبب مرضها!

السيدة هي المعيلة لأسرتها، بعد أن فقدت اثنين من أبنائها في حرب عام 2014، التي شنتها إسرائيل ضد قطاع غزة.

الرجلان، تركا زوجتيهما وأطفالهم الصغار.

تواجه نساء الأسرة عمليات تحرش جنسي. لكن الأسرة لم تتنازل عن شرفها مقابل الحصول على المال.

هذه الاسرة البائسة الفقيرة، المهدد بالتشرد، تناشدكم لكي تنقذوا حياتها، وشرفها وأطفالها ونساءها!

في الفيديو المرافق، سيدتان من الأسرة تتحدثتان عن مأساة أسرتهما..

اليوم هو 27 من شهر رمضان الذي يصومه المسلمون. في مثل هذا اليوم، قبل أعوام، قصفت الطائرات الحربية الإسرائيلية، منزل العائلة، تهدم البيت، ومات رجلان، هما شقيقان للسيدتان تحت ركام البيت.

ومنذ تلك اللحظة بدأت الأسرة، التي فقدت رجالها، حياة الفقر والبؤس والتشرد والقلق والإهانات..

اضطرت الأسرة لاستئجار بيت تقيم فيه، لكن الأسرة لا تمتلك المال الذي يسمح لها بدفع ايجار البيت، مما يترتب عليه، قيام مالك البيت بطرد الأسرة.

اضطرت ربة الأسرة، السيدة العجوز المريضة، الحزينة، لتقديم سندات بالديون لمالكي البيوت التي سكنتها الأسرة بالإيجار. الأسرة لا تستطيع سداد الديون. السيدة العجوز المريضة، المعذبة، تواجه الآن، خطر السجن!.

تقول الشقيقتان: بعض أصحاب الديون ومالكي البيوت طلبوا ممارسة الجنس معهما، مقابل السماح للأسرة بالبقاء في البيت الذي تستأجره الإسرة.

أخلاق الشقيقتان ترفض هذا الابتزاز القذر واللا إنساني.

تقول الشقيقتان: نعيش، ومع أمنا المريضة، البائسة المعذبة كبيرة السن، ومع الأطفال الصغار، أياما عديدة بلا طعام!

الشقيقتان تبكيان بسبب العذاب الذي تعيش فيه الأسرة. وتقولان: شقيقانا ماتا “شهداء”.. لكن كرامتنا ماتت معهما!

نناشد الشرفاء: أنقذوا حياة وكرامة هذه الأسرة!

ساعدوا هذه الأسرة، لكي تحيا حياة كريمة!

هناك اسر عديدة، في قطاع غزة، مثل هذه الأسرة.

الحروب هي الطريق للموت..

أنا حسن مي النوراني من غزة، أدعو للسلام:

نريد الحياة.. نريد السلام القائم على العدل!

نريد السلام الذي يحفظ كرامة الإنسان!

نريد الحياة للجميع.. نريد الكرامة للجميع.. نريد العدل للجميع.. نريد السلام للجميع!

الله يبارككم!   

لمساعدة الأسرة، وغيرها من الأسر الفقيؤة، اضغط الرابط التالي  DONATE


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The founder of the initiative, ِALNORANI, is distributing aid to the poor

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HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين

Please DONATE to Help the oppressed, the miserable, the ignorant, the sick and the poor..

Let us build a world of security, light, love, brotherhood, giving, prosperity, justice, freedom, joy and peace..
The founder of the initiative Dr. Hasan Alnorani



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Send a money order in the name of Hassan Mohamed Alnourani, Gaza, via: Western Union.

Or: by any other service available.

Thank you very much.

ALNORANI from Gaza appeals to you all: Support my charitable initiative


HELP miserable, poor and horrible children of Gaza


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