alnorani charity initiative

Project to provide security and care for stray animals in Gaza, and to defend their right to enjoy life


When a dog, stray, crossed the road, he was hit by a car that was moving fast.
This happened on a main street, in Gaza City. I heard the sound of severe torment. The sound was the sound of the dog being shocked. I felt great pain.
The car broke the dog’s legs. The driver did not care about the accident!
The car continued to run. The dog continued to cry. He was suffering. I continued to cry silently. I too, I was in pain.
I saw this painful scene again. The victim was a stray cat.
I have seen children, men and many women, who torture cats and dogs, and other animals.
Here, animals die of hunger, thirst, sickness, violence, and the cruelty of nature. She does not find who takes care of her.
Public culture here, do not dislike this behavior.
Religion, which people here believe in, has teachings that call on believers to be compassionate to animals. The reality is different from the teachings of religion. I am Hasan al-Nurani, a doctor specializing in spiritual psychology, I can understand the underlying causes of the behavior of violence against animals. Here there is violence against man. Victims of violence, violence against everything!
The pain I feel when I watch the violence against animals and my scientific knowledge of the causes of violence is not enough to combat violence against animals, against humans, and against life.
I have reached a decision: I must start changing the painful reality.
I need money. I need detailed ideas that will enable me to turn my decision into a realistic project. I can not do that, alone.
Help me. I want money, I want ideas!
I have a dream. I have faith. I have the decision. I have the strong spirit, the spirit of love for life, the soul that believes, that the enjoyment of life, a basic right, for all living!
I believe, too, that you are good, and that you will help me.
Dreams become real realities, when we cooperate together, to implement them!
thank you! God Bless you!

I am, Dr. Hasan Mohamed Alnorani, resident in the Gaza Strip-Palestine, invite you, My Sisters and My Brothers, to adopt my appeal and my charitable project by sharing it to the fullest extent possible.
I would like to invite you to make a donation via PayPal using the following e-mail:
Or using the following link:
Or: by sending a money order, in my name: Hasan Mohammed Alnorani, through the Western Union Money Transfer Service.
Or via whatever method suits you.
Thanks to you, I love you!
Glory to you!


Glory to you!

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HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين



HELP miserable, poor and horrible children of Gaza


alnorani charity initiative

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