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Joy is the absolute truth

Joy is the absolute spirit

Joy is absolute power

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Joy is absolute life

Joy is absolute bless

The joy of love is the highest level of faith

The joy of love is the true law

The joy of love is the light

The joy of love is the freedom

The joy of love is the peace

The joy of love is the resident bliss

The joy of love is the highest

The joy of love is the healing

The joy of love is the harmony

Harmony is the path of peace

Love is the path of harmony

Light is the path of love

Love is the path of freedom

Freedom is the path of joy

Joy is light, love, freedom, harmony and peace

The joy of love is the path of eternity

Joy is the glory and the immortality



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“Make love”.. It had been said: “Love your enemies”; But I say:

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“Call for Al-Norania” (the luminosity).

Al-Norania (the luminosity) call of Hasan Mai Alnorani
Love each other.. love delight you.. delight of love illuminate you
“Da’wat Al Norania”
Al Norani’s remedy to the mind’s darkness, morals corruption, and thepsychological and psychophysical diseases.
Dr. Hasan Mai Al Norani

I. Analysis of topic:
I wrote this document after long journey of education and self-cultivation in many fields, after experience of writing, contemplation and spiritual pray. I also wrote it after practicing spiritual guidance towards others, teaching them how they can go on to gain their Delight Love with moral life and open mind/ heart.
Moreover my experiences with my psychological or psychophysical patients contributed to deepen and form what the spiritual epistemological experience led.
This last experience passed stages of mental and emotional development. I give up the stage of tradition Islamic belief with its moral and worshiping commitment and moved to stage of philosophical belief of God.
This last belief does not agree completely with the belief of Muslims majority.
In the philosophical epistemological framework I gave up Al-Wahedia (Monism) philosophy which takes love as a central principle and I converted to Al-Norania (luminosity) philosophy which I offered in this document.
My theory owns partially to the family education in an environment of deep innocent love and of courageous morals, generosity and pride.
My mother treated her friends spiritually; she moved the disease from the unhealthy to her. Her treatment was simple but with important indications. I own to her by learning “love” principal, which helps me in my treatment which I present to my patients and consulting people.
My younger son guided me to believe in the great value of innocent delight. I confess that his love by delightful innocent play is the background to my remedy, which I put it in this sentence: “The love delight is the wisdom jewel and medicine lady”. This statement explains my belief in God as “ delightful freedom by its luminosity”
The previous factor led me to put my theory.
So, there are many sources, which gave me important ideas, which I crystallized in my theory.
The title of my theory is “Al-Norania (the luminosity) call – Love each other, love delight you and delight of love illuminate you”.
I want to add an important factor: my belonging to people suffered, and still, from wars whish lost their legislated right in freedom, security and welfare. These wars overthrew peace and justice of their life. This factor stimulated me, from inside, to build a theory calls for general and individual moral, arises from belief in God; I said about him that “The freedom is its material”.
The freedom, according to my concept, is one which is put by the high moral principals: the individual and the general. My courageous well knowledge experience made me discover that my nation needs a spiritual revolution save her from the civilizational inactivity which due to the darkness of mind and close of heart. This needed a revolution of “ The love mind”
All these factors which become ripe in my mind and heart, are included in my theory and which I wrote it in my document in June 2001.

II.Relationship of the document to my discipline:
Many sources guide me: some are written and others are experimental. The main references are epistemological and scholarly sources written by different philosophers, thinkers and researchers.
But these references are not direct one to what I wrote in the document. It takes me to the light land inside me..
The scholarly sources which contributed in the development of theory witch I wrote it in my document, are many and belong to many parts of human knowledge such as: religion, logic, philosophy, natural sciences, chemistry, agricultural sciences, psychology, history, geography, politics, information, economy, literature, anthropology, spirituals, arts, sports sciences, traditional medicine sciences, alternative medicine, sociology sciences, plant and animal science, Cosmology.. etc.
My experimental sources, are contemplative and Sufi ones. One of my experimental sources is the treatment cases of psycho or psychophysical diseases which require the guidance of me.
Here is brief about five of written references witch guide Me:
1-Koran: A book before more than 1500 years which Allah (God) inspired to his Arabic prophet Mohamed centuries according to Muslims belief. Mohamed called Arabs and people in general to believe in one God : He has absolute ability, He look like nothing; He was not born and does not beget. He will reward the believers who make good things, because of their belief in Allah and prophecy of Mohamed and will punish the unbelievers after resurrection. Koran is a book of cult and morals and is constitution, which organize the believers life: Socially, politically and economically. Koran has punishments system for Muslims who violate the Islamic taboo, According to Koran or prophet Mohamed instructions. Koran continued to come from heaven during 23 years. Koran starts with verses call for reading by name of Allah. Koran is different from Arabs religions. Koran gave women and slaves new rights.
Koran challenged Arabs, people of eloquence, by its “ eloquent language which is considered as inimitability by the Muslims scholars. That because Arabs could not imitate it.
Koran believes in the previous prophecies but it criticizes the cults of Christians and Jews, which believe that God has sons of mankind. Koran criticizes the followers of Jesus and Moses who deviates from their prophet’s instructions which Mohammed asserts according to Koran.
2-The New Testament: It includes, the Christ instructions which call Jews, before 20 centuries, to give up moral, religious and social to be Sons of God, the New Testament says that God sent his Son: Jesus to get man free from the original sin which is present with him / her since Adam, according to the religious narrative.
The New Testament tells us about the Jews, which made conspiracy against Jesus. The conspiracy succeeded and Jesus was crucified at the same time with two criminals. But Jesus, according to gospels, resurrected after 3 days and moved near his father.
The ideas of resurrection and getting man free of the original sin prove that Jesus Call is call to be free (from death and extinction) and to love divinely where God redeemed man by his Son Jesus who was target of crucifixion conspiracy.
Jesus confirmed the ideas of freedom and love when he criticized the corruption and dark materiality of Jews of his time, and when he treated spiritually the hopeless cases. Jesus gave hope to the sick man.
3-God in Modern Philosophy By James Danial Collins: The book discusses the main philosophical approaches of God in the modern stage with insisting on the historical trends, which still affect on our contemporary idea about God. The author indicates the relation between the existence of God and nature. He asserts that this relation present a main theme in the majority of modern considerable philosophies.
The author discussion arises from his own philosophical viewpoint under the title of: The realistic school of Deity.
The book is restricted to the western philosophical thought.
4-The Orient philosophers By A.O.F Tomlen, translated into Arabic by: Abd Al-Hameed Salem: The book presents lifes of great thinkers in the old orientalcivilization in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, India, China, Arab peninsula and Shamcountries [Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan]. It reviews their philosophicalwork. The book is aimed at the western reader to know new ideas.
The translator did not translate the chapter of Mohamed because the book is forwestern readers and Mohamed is not philosopher as the author believes. Moreover the Arab reader does not need to read about something he / she knowswell.
5-The psychological health and psychological treatment by Dr. Hamed Zahran: The book includes what the author called: Summary of his readings, researches and experiences in the psychological health field on the levels of education and treatment.
The book, in the viewpoint of his author, is scholarly and practical guide which includes the main information of development and prophylaxis, for the psychological treatment, examination and diagnosis, for the psychological curer.
My document agrees with epistemological general case tend to adapt to scholarly concept reveals the common origin of being material. That asserts the statement: “ The Being is One but numerous” which is one of my main intellectual ideas,. By it the material and immaterial get united in the activity of absolute entity. What called “Globalization” is a trend needs to achieve the concept: “World is small valley” But this concept need to be formed in the framework of moral theory supported by high human values such as: Good,truth and beauty.
At my moment of this writing, I stopped and went out to my office balcony to watch unemployment angry cries and call to participates their citizens the bread. Their call will make nothing unless our local community moves from “ corruption” to “ justice”. This moving needs a spiritual moral call, ,Love and Good will. We need courageous philosophy move us from our darkness to our lightness. This is my philosophy that accord with contemporary trend of realistic spirituality.
Others can benefit of my theory if they believe that our utility is in good and in practicing it.
Good will not be unless love, justice, dignity, peace, development and freedom are being. On the treatment level others can benefit of my theory if their minds and hearts get full of delightful love and good will to their patients.
My theory accepts to reform according to new knowledge in fields of science, sociology and psychology, with experimental and statistical methods. I do not claim that I got perfection but I light a path, which my remedial and cognitive experiment led me. The others experiments will add to my one which I consider it an open as light is open. They will add what will help me and those, who I work to care and bless them.

III.The role of document in my professional development:
My document served me to form my philosophical belief, and to put it in certaintext. Before that , it was scattered through my writings. In this document I limit exactly what is my theory: It put me in front of my mental mirror, I saw my self well and clearly. This theoretical limit gives me a mental means to practice my remedial and guiding experiment. These means need to have feeling and will. These elements are in my theory as formative factors through my theory. Through my remedial practices I get sure that I can present better spiritual treatment for the sticks when I get in luminous emotional case which depend on my mental view, which I limited it in my document.
The fullness of love is necessary condition to make luminous treatment for problems and disease of self: The psychological and psychophysical ones. Add to that the moral corruption and intellectual inactivity. Love is spiritual power, which works when we have it mentally and emotionally. This power can move from one to another.
I could by having love will to treat paralytic woman arm in one siting, which was long and luminous. At that time I make decision to not leave her (70 years) before I success in my training to help her to regain her freedom: I continue my therapy until the delight shrill went ahead and the spirit of luminous love delight won.

IV. Methodology:
My therapeutic experience, personal and epistemological experiment played role in stimulate me to form my theory. My approach is contemplative one and the remedial experiment supported its results. I believed more that the psychological disease is case of paralytic imprisonment in narrow and dark circle in a sick mind. This belief happened when I succeed in ten minutes sitting to cure man suffer from rigor in his neck, arms and back.
He jumped from the treatment bed and was nearly unbeliever. I do not make important thing by the material standard, but the love spirit has superior ability, which is more than a spiritless cures, ability. When I asked the patient if he advice physical doctors he replayed: yes. I asked him: What is their diagnosis? He replayed: Cartilaginous sliding.
After he had restored his physical freedom he said to me: I felt stoned mass in my chest but you crumbled it. This remedial experiment asserts to me the unity of emotional and physical and the unity with the other by love in light: “ I tookhim to my luminous world”, no, I help him to get back to his luminous materialwhich consist of freedom, love and delight.
The case of girl (A, 16 years) gave me method, which I depend in formulating my theory. (A is an old child: has destroying terror, does not speak or laugh, has no natural functions as a female, has no menstruation and has no sensitivity to acupuncture, biting or any excitement.
After fifty tiring free long sitting with her, I could prepare her to come back to her school which she stopped to go 6 years ago. Fear drives us to the dark holes and love get us back to our luminous free nature. (A) supported this concept. I say gladly she has favor, so far, by writing this document.
On the personal level” Norania” is spiritual power helped me through the most difficult situation in my life. That was in the face of fierce dark repressive aggression. Then I ordered my self to be delightful. I get in luminous prayer and asked the absolute light not to leave me. Its worth mentioning that this experiment cured me of dangerous and mystic disease which I infected by after“ brain clot” disease caused in previous time.
This experiment is very important method of my theory.
Description of main document theme:
The document introduces Al-Norania [the luminous theory} which is call for love on the basis of that love is the source of delight which give us way, mentally and emotionally, to the light which its source is God.
The title of document is: “Call for Al-Norania” (the luminosity). The call theme, as it is written under the title, is “Love each other.. Love gives delight… the Love delight illuminate you”.
The document starts to assert that “ being, every being, (is) nature desire to delight”. It asserts in three summarized sentences, after the first line, the following:”delight is origin of every being”, “ delight is target of every being” and “ delight is origin of origins and target of targets”.
It gets forward in summarized sentences and relates delight to freedom. It considers freedom a light. It locates inside a bigger being: the document describes it “ the free superiority.. Which creates us.. Which is our material”.
The free superiority is God: “The spirit which gives us the strength to face darkness of nihilism”.
Norania, according to the document, is “ the belief in Being “which is the free superiority: it locates inside us and is around us, which unites what is inside us by what is around us. This unity release our individual being from its darklimition”.
Al-Norania (the luminosity) consists of: Faith, will, love, freedom, beauty, peace, justice, truth, non-self iciness, renewness, dignity, knowledge, leaving injustice… delight…
It states: “We are the light material as light is our being material”.
The document considers that “Al-Norania (the luminosity) is a philosophical view establishes a new renaissance for human spirit. The human will not achieve this reawakening unless he /she has the renewness will and practicing this will”. It states: “The isolation is deadly disease for human: weather individual and group”. Love, as I think “The medicine of malady”.
Al-Norania (the luminosity) is “Call for love delight”. Love delight is “good”.
Al-Norania (the luminosity) is method depends on respecting the facts which declare themselves in light. It is “call to be free of every blind who wants to dispossess the human his/her right of delightful freedom by its luminosity”
It considers freedom “ the right of rights absolutely”.
It gives the human freedom divine depth when it describes God as “the delightful freedom by its luminosity” and it states: “Freedom (is) God material”.
It states: “Love delight is our freedom” and “our delightful freedom is our luminosity”.
The document describe Al-Norania (the luminosity) as “the good call when the ignorance and evil get excessive, then the blindness prevails and life loses its meaning”.
It states, “The delightful freedom by its luminosity is the original meaning of life”. I think “ hill” is the contrary life to the original meaning of life”, and paradise is “the delightful freedom by its luminosity which is created by delightful consciousness by love”.
After this theoretical rooting of Al-Norania (the luminosity), the document moved to the behavioral side to guide behavior to what the theory aim to achieve .It is a behavioral and missionary theory in its practical side.
The document states: “Let us go on” and “let us make our decision … we will be delightful when we decide to do that honestly and with believed will… let us experience”.
My theory does not fear experimentation and supposes means to make it. That will make the theoretical principles a behavior method, which will achieve the targets on the group and individual levels.
The experimental side of document concentrates on applying Norania (the luminous) morals which are the structural elements.
It stimulates us to be optimistic and love every beautiful and ugly. It wants us to deal with time as an “open moment on what wider than it”.
It limits its remedial means of individual and all in the following statement: “Love delight is a wisdom jewel and medicine lady”.
It adds: “Come daughters and sons of my mothers, by love delight to go on: to build for us… for all of us.. The most beautiful country.. in light the country will be the most beautiful”. It describes love delight as “the purer and most important good, the meaning of good and the first and last of it”.
The document deepen its view by describing God as “effective truth in the consciousness”, “beingness depending on his natural face” and “the delightful freedom by its luminosity depending on his human face”.
It sees man “on the natural level is limited beingness of absolute beingness (=the God). Man on the spiritual level is conscious Beingness by the delightful freedom by its luminosity”. According to that the document make Wahidiah (monisitic) Norania (luminous) relation between God and human. It states: “Freedom unites the divine by the human”.
Depending on “freedom is the open prayer between human freedom and God freedom” It goes deepen when it asserts the unity of spiritual and natural in existence. It states: “Al-Norania (the luminosity) unites natural with spiritual, according to concept makes Beingness (=God) creates free human, no slave”
Subsequently the theory rejects the concept, which makes wo/men slaves for God. But the free human “do not maltreat to her/his self or others”
It describes the “Norania (luminous) consciousness” which come of believing in Al-Norania (the luminosity) as a means which “makes the open human with Norani (luminous) consciousness spiritual and natural “.According to that Al-Norania (the luminosity) is theory unites the spiritual and natural”.
The document describes Al-Norania (the luminosity) as path to God: “By delightful freedom by its luminosity we go into God who is the delightful freedom by its luminosity”.
It sees that “the delightful love by Al-Norania (the luminosity) is the top of morals”
It asserts that “it gives human dignity which comes from his/her bileif in Al-Norania (the luminosity).
This belief originates from mental consciousness and delightful will.
Human has his dignity when he “gets free of illusions which is not due to luminous free consciousness”.
Al-Norania (the luminosity) broadens its horizon when it states:“Al-Norania (the luminosity)is call to create world of light”. World of light is world of truths. Al-Norania (the luminosity) reveals the truths as beautiful things which the short-sighteds see them ugly.
Al-Norania (the luminosity) “faces the aggression” but the document does not mention aggressors. It talks about aggression case originated from ”the inactivity of ignorant hatred”.
The document comes back to call: “Get delightful to be luminous.. When you awake move freedom in the light of morning , your arms, back and legs by freedom of new innocence… let your heart smile then your blood, eyes, hand, face and mind smile…then the delight will be”.
It assures that every one deals with life delightfully the life deals with him/her delightful. It guides us to tolerance morals, the moral beauty, the productive work, the self-safety, poise, spirit elegance, doing good, honesty, interior openness and delight, filling the chest with pure air and optimism and wiliness.
The document concludes with a prophetic statement: “shrills, wo/men.. The glory of human arises”
The document is summarized. It a summary of long behavioral epistemological experiment. My theory description, here, is not sufficient to explain the theory completely. To get complete knowledge, you have to read it deeply to understand its meanings and its attitudes towards human causes, which I hinted. The document is brief. It needs more explaining.

V. Future growth and extension of my document:
In world with quick bold changes, in sciences and communications fields and thought in general, the contemporary human movement needs to a fundamental moral standard keeps the old dream in progress toward what is more beautiful. The freedom is condition to get progressive towards what is more beautiful. Delight, in my theory, is stipulated by freedom as it’s stipulated by love. What humanity sees of fundamental changes of concepts and means, is liberated action. This action may achieve targets harms the human. Freedom leads to destruction as it leads to build more beautiful world. My theory committed the freedom to keep free trend toward, achieving more beautiful world.
God, by his denotation, connotation and substance, which the human history creates, is still an idea able to occupy the essence of human innermost of the act power and of his /her guiding means. But that is stipulated by reforming God concept to accord with the stage requirement of quick bold changes.
Freedom is God material, he is “the delightful freedom by its luminosity, He is our individual being material. This God, in the concept of Al-Norania (the luminosity) is the target to guide the contemporary human freedom, which reveals its self through the quick bold changes by making future world more beautiful one.
By delightful love by light, our world, general and personal, will be better world.
But this world will not give sins by lazy wishes: my call, in the document, needs mechanisms to make its moral. values reality.
These values will make the delightful love by light an actual life for the suppressed, patients, poors and ignorants which fill the world.
On the other hand the delightful love by freedom light is the redemption path in the front of those who left them selves surrender to power of devil.
This power fights love, freedom, beauty, peace, justice, dignity, productive world, delight and prayer to God who delights by our delight. Those who surrended imagine that they delight by selfishness and aggression on others right in freedom. They lose their freedom, which can make them more beautifulentities. They at the last, targets of evil devil.
When the human movement realized its sieging in the area of “destroying freedom”, the light power, which creates us will burst a new spiritual revolt. My document wishes to be light point calls the world for creating new consciousness and new behavior: The document calls them Al-Norania (the luminosity).
I do not claim I make great new break through, but I think that my world needs a theory, inspired by the human history, to correct our corruption.
On the local society level, my call for Al-Norania (the luminosity) is call for “country in light”.
We, here, in Palestine still away from this “country of light”.
To achieve this target or to approach it we need firstly to get free of our belief in death philosophy.
Both of Palestinian and Jewish people, who live in Palestine land, practically believe in death cult.
Death in one of its forms is freezing the consciousness in previous history. We, here do not make this freezing only but we also make it deadly arm kills the childhood delight, the mothers and fathers and young wo/men.
Al-Norania (the luminosity) dreams to start its spiritual revolution from Palestine: that because of its historical relation with prophecy. Jesus was a prominent symbol for this prophecy.
But this dream needs a movemental struggle to make it reality. This struggle cangive the development possibilities to my call.
So far I content with my theory guiding in my remedial practices. That is a mere beginning. I wish my document becomes a constitution regulates the human social life on the world level.
It will not be an inactive law: the freedom is an essential factor of it.
By the favor of this essential factor I cannot accept to make my document a closed undevelopable text.
I hope that my document moves to other stages adopt the renewness and activate it.
This renewal act is the evidence that my concepts are important in particular the freedom on the divine and human levels.
But I think any renewness will not change my belief that Al-Noraniah (the luminous) love delight is the highest target for human consciousness andbehavior.
But Al-Norania (the luminous) love delight is not different thing from freedom, which aims at achieving more beautiful world.
The alternative cult will be a closed one: carries death inside it.
As to my document it carries, in the light, call for more beautiful world.

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Gaza, 1999

* Translated by Ali Abu Khattab

د. حسن ميّ النوراني – التربية الحنسية للأبناء (3) نصائح للآباء

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د. حسن ميّ النوراني – التربية الجنسية للأبناء (2) لماذا علينا كآباء أن نهتم بهذا الموضوع؟