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Jesus said.. I say..

Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” I say: do not make enemies for you I say: Plant love and joy .. If you planted love and joy, you will reap great good. It is for you and for all creatures Do this, if you do this, harmony reigns, and […]

I am the preacher of joyful love

Hasan Mai Alnorani-Gaza, Palestine Christ was preaching love. I am the preacher of joyful love I preach to all people Alnorani mission HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين كان المسيح يبشر بالحب أما أنا، فإني المبشر بالحب المبتهج أنا ابشر الناس جميعا رسالة النوراني HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين Al-Norania (the […]

“Call for Al-Norania” (the luminosity).

Al-Norania (the luminosity) call of Hasan Mai Alnorani Love each other.. love delight you.. delight of love illuminate you “Da’wat Al Norania” Al Norani’s remedy to the mind’s darkness, morals corruption, and thepsychological and psychophysical diseases. Dr. Hasan Mai Al Norani I. Analysis of topic: I wrote this document after long journey of […]