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The suffering of a family from Gaza has lost its men and its home: hunger, expulsion, anxiety, sexual harassment and crying – Watch video

معاناة عائلة من غزة فقدت رجالها ومنزلها: جوع وطرد وقلق وتحرش جنسي وبكاء – شاهد فيديوDONATE لمساعدة الأسرة اضغط الرابط التالي  To help miserable and poor family, click on the link below DONATE HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين alnorani charity initiative This is the story of a family from […]

Peace and Freedom

by Krisztina Sajber Acknowledgment I would like to express my thanksto Gábor Hamp, for the encouragement and support he assisted my essay with,and for persuading me of writing about the subject I am most interested in;to Botránk and my family;and to Nóra Hegyi, for our discussions. 1. Introduction […]